Share your Story

Help us inspire the next generation of BIGS by sharing your story about what it means to become a mentor. We are looking for BIGS to share their personal stories so that we can encourage the next generation of mentors to jump on board and change the life of a child.

Tips for Video:

1). Video can be recorded on your phone
2). Please record video horizontally- not vertically.
3). Please keep video under 1 minute long
4). Record in a room/outside with as much lighting as possible
5). Introduce yourself (include your first name,
that you are a Big to_____ for _____ of years.
6). Share your story (see below)
7). Submit video above in link or directly to by November 6th.
Things you can talk about:
1). Why you got involved at BBBS/how you were introduced
2). How has becoming a Big changed you as a person for the better?
3). What have you learned from your Big/Little?
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