Trish and Dan Bell

Naming Benefactors of the Trish and Dan Bell Matching & Enrollment Center

“First introduced to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami (BBBSM) by a couple of respected friends who were active on the organization’s boards, my husband and I were soon completely smitten. The BBBSM approach of matching “Bigs” with “Littles” was fascinating, and we were moved by the profound life-long impact on the participants. Given the extraordinary life-changing benefits, the cost for each match seemed modest.

Our heartfelt belief is that there are many young people in our community who are inherently smart, talented, and willing to exert the effort to make the most of their lives, but unfortunately, the absence of family and financial support, or other obstacles out of their control, block their path. The proper help as provided by BBBSM, through mentoring and setting a positive example, can overcome these impediments, improving not only the lives of recipients, but of generations to follow.

It is a privilege to renew our support for BBBSM every year, knowing that our investments in these kids will continue to pay them huge dividends for the rest of their lives! We look forward to the annual gala where the Littles perform, we hear about the past year’s accomplishments, and learn about ongoing needs for Littles waiting to be matched.”

Matt Gorson

Past Chair, BBBSM Agency Board & Senior Chairman, Greenberg Traurig, School to Work Partner

“Following my initial fundraising involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, I became a Big Brother. My introduction to the organization came from my son (who was a Big before me) and my good friends, Matt Allen and Tina van der Ven, who were both very involved in fundraising for BBBSM.  I have always been a strong supporter of educational and mentoring organizations as I believe they provide the best way to improve society.

My father died when I was nine and I grew up during my pre-teen and teen years without any male guidance.  I believe all of us need a mentor in life, which I finally experienced when I joined Greenberg Traurig, the international law firm where I currently work and serve as Senior Chairman. As a result, I feel strongly about doing my part to mentor others, both at work and through BBBSM.”

Bonnie Crabtree

Chair, BBBSM Foundation Board

“Searching for an organization where I could make a difference, I was immediately taken by the Big/Little stories regarding the positive impact to every child (and thus, the family) that was touched by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami. It became evident to me that putting a caring adult in the life of a child not only changed the child but changed the mentoring adult—as well as the community at large–in a way no other program achieves.

As a doer, I need to see results, and the BBBSM statistics speak for themselves: there is a direct correlation between the monies given and the resulting impact. The impact is immediate, visible, touchable, heartwarming, and lasting. Additionally, I know exactly how my dollars are being spent and how outcomes are tracked. This all has led me to have chaired three of BBBSM’s annual galas; chaired its Agency Board for three consecutive years; led the Board reorganization and alignment; and served as inaugural chair of the Foundation Board.”

Tina van der Ven

Co-Chair, 60th Anniversary Diamond Gala

“The catalyst for my involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami was current board member, Matt Allen of Related Group.  I met with him over a decade ago to discuss my interest in getting more involved in the community.  He recommended that I explore BBBSM and encouraged me to join the Golf Committee.  And the rest, as they say, is history…

I really believe in the power of mentoring, which is supported by ample data. But as both a board member and proud Big Sister to precious Lea, I have seen first-hand the transformative effect that mentoring has, not only on the Littles, but also on the Bigs.  I know the commitments I make—financially and in terms of my time—to BBBS are having significant long-term impacts on our Littles and in the community.

My husband, Alex, and our two children are proud to be a part of an organization that has top-notch leadership and business staff members that are all fully committed to deliver the best outcomes for our children, volunteers, and donors. I have been involved in a multitude of roles for BBBSM, including: Impact Circle co-chair, Golf Committee member, Miracle Society member, co-chair of the 2018 60th Anniversary Gala, Executive Committee member (co-chair of marketing), and Miracle Makers Fashion Show Committee member.”