Share your Story

Help us inspire our supporters to give to BBBS Miami by sharing your story about what it’s like having a Big. We are looking for Littles to share their personal stories so that we can encourage the next generation of mentors to jump on board and change the lives of other children.

Tips for Video:

1). Video can be recorded on your phone
2). Please record video horizontally- not vertically.
3). Please keep video under 1 minute long
4). Record in a room/outside with as much lighting as possible
5). Introduce yourself (include your first name,
that you are ____’s Little  for _____ of years.
6). Share your story (see below)
7). Submit video above in link or directly to by November 6th.
Things you can talk about:
1). Why you got involved at BBBS/how you were introduced?
2). How has being apart of BBBS Miami’s program changed you for the better?
3). What have you learned from your Big?
4). What are some activities have you experienced with your Big?
Little Story Video Submission
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