The Miracle Society is a group of like-minded philanthropists whose dedication to creating life-transforming mentorships goes above and beyond, by igniting a child’s potential through a multi-year pledge commitment.


We ask Miracle Society members to make a recurring annual donation to support a Match, helping BBBS continue its commitment to ignite and empower the power and promise of youth in Miami Dade County.


  • $1,500 3 year pledge commitment to be paid annually, quarterly or monthly

All funds raised provide youth served with access to critical resources and supportive one-to-one mentoring relationships; along with helping to cover application costs and background checks, Big recruitment, training for volunteers, essential supplies for program and impact activities, along with helping to sustain the overall operation of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami.


In addition to supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships, the benefits of joining the Miracle Society include:

  • Discounted tickets to Signature Events
  • Invitations to exclusive Miracle Society Events
  • Recognition on the Miracle Society webpage
  • Notification of episodic volunteer opportunities
  • Receive monthly BBBS of Miami E-Newsletters containing agency updates and highlights that include Miracle Society activity and Miracle Society members


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